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The SMARTcurriculum® MASS programmes cover our full-service provision.

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Curriculum leadership-focused development.

Curriculum Leadership Coaching for aspirant or new-to-post Headteachers, Curriculum Deputies or colleagues wanting fresh ideas.

Coaching and training for small and large groups. More …

Curriculum Review, Analysis and Modelling.

School improvement begins with releasing resources to innovate and excel. SMARTcurriculum Analytics provides insights to evaluate practice and remodel for change.

SMARTcurriculum Analytics is a ground-breaking cloud-based system that talks to your MIS and provides powerful insights into your practice in curriculum and support and staffing within the context of your current budget.

A DfE registered Financial Adviser to Schools and listed as an ICFP resource provider. Annual licence for year-on-year modelling. More …

Curriculum Leadership Training.

School Improvement Strategies,

Full curriculum philosophy and intent development. SEND provision reviews and integration to an adapted curriculum. Safeguarding and leadership development all with recognised leaders in their field.

We have blended years of school leadership experience with detailed academic research to develop a school improvement model that is practical to implement.. More …

Outsourced Timetable Scheduling.

Master timetablers. Experts in recovery and annual timetable creation.

  1. Timetable Construction Professional Development Training 

We offer an all-year-round timetable training and construction service to develop new academic year and in-year timetables across a wide range of software; e-Timetabler, Scheduler, Tiger and EdVal alongside master Timetablers in NOVA T6 and Timetabler. Also linking to other resources, including Griddle and Skolaris.  

  1. Timetable Construction Mentoring 

We provide training and coaching programmes to enable new and inexperienced staff, both teaching and non-teaching, to successfully write timetables. Our coaching programme has also been very successful in equipping education support staff with the skills to construct full timetables.

  1. Timetable Construction Management 

You can outsource your timetable by booking a ‘Master Timetabler’, skilled in a range of timetable systems. We offer in-year timetabling services for quick change and new-year timetables for early start and academic year start. We have access to timetable skills across all the major software systems and some of the lesser-known systems too.

More …

With over 12 years of experience, SMARTcurriculum® has established a reputation for curriculum expertise, specialising in systemic analysis, leadership coaching, training and transformational support systems. We work with education leaders who want to transform the life chances of every child in their organisation by building the most efficient, effective and ethical curriculum provision with the resources available. We will encourage you to consider what’s possible and help you to overcome your challenges, engineering an exciting future for your school.

SMARTcurriculum® Methodology has been developed to focus on school delivery reform, transforming the application of integrated curriculum financial planning to school curriculum design and decision making.

Your curriculum can be efficient effective and ethical

We believe that:

  • Sustaining excellence takes work, it should not be assumed.
  • There are no quick fixes. 
  • Change is inevitable, it requires careful and courageous leadership.
  • Success is not a set of metrics but is a complex mix of  understanding, best practice and skilful resource management.
  • In changing times practice needs to adapt to excel.
  • Curriculum breadth does not have to be sacrificed to efficiency.
  • Achieving your goals while maintaining choice for learners is possible.
  • There is always capacity to achieve more with the resources you have.
We are proud to announce...
Newly published training programme within Nimbl learning management system

Our programme Curriculum Efficiency is listed within the nimbl  “Leadership” CPD library. Link above to see all the resources available.

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SMARTcurriculum® Academy

Break the mould of thinking. It’s not just about timetabling tricks.

A school leader for over 25 years, Chris Jones has supported schools for the last 13 years with curriculum development, budgeting and strategy. A registered DfE provider of Integrated Curriculum and Finance planning methodology, Chris’s live webinar will show you how to move beyond the usual practices to bring effective leadership to the planning process. He will also share some of the tools that are being used in schools that are mastering curriculum modelling.