SMARTcurriculum® Analytics

Curriculum Review, Analysis, Report and Modelling

A highly-visual on-screen analysis of current curriculum provision and staffing in a series of data dashboards. Supports you in making intelligent, data-rich decisions about where to concentrate investment. Includes a full report, with recommendations and support to model improved curriculum provision and more efficient and effective impact.

  • Encourages pragmatic, strategic conversations between education and business leaders.
  • Enables schools and trusts to uncover and understand what is happening; develop strong strategies for improvement; and achieve curriculum design optimisation and budget control.
  • Two datasets per school (‘Snapshot’ for baseline comparison and ‘Modelling’ dataset for forward planning).
  • Supported data entry process with secure data-link to MIS.
  • Secure levels of access to the data for varying stakeholders, e.g. MAT CEO, HT, Curriculum Deputy, SBM, Governor.
  • Full support online, by telephone and video call, including training webinars and ‘How to…’ videos.

SMARTcurriculum® Analytics to secure insightful analysis

The SMARTcurriculum Analytics provides a highly visual on-screen analysis of your current practice in a series of data dashboards focussing on curriculum, staffing and finance. The dashboard presentations will support you in making data-rich decisions about where to concentrate future investment in curriculum delivery and design.

SMARTcurriculum will build the picture and provide clear projections of the way ahead. It also compares support curriculum provision with the teaching provision to secure its place and reasoning.

The SMARTcurriculum Analytics provides:

  • Two datasets per annual licence
    • Snapshot dataset for baseline comparison
    • Modelling dataset for forward planning
  • In-App report function with action recommendations.
  • Supported data entry process.
  • Secure levels of access to the data for varying stakeholders, eg MAT CEO, HT, Curriculum Deputy, SBM, Governor.
  • Full support online, by telephone and video call.
  • In-App upgrades throughout the year at no extra cost.
  • Training webinars and How to? video bank.
  • Zoom/MS Teams reviews with Chris Jones and school/trust teams, at senior or executive level.
The SMARTcurriculum® Analytics reports across a MAT demonstrating ways in which schools have carefully considered their curriculum models to ensure efficiency.
Stephen Chamberlain
CEO, Active Learning Trust
The SMARTcurriculum® Analytics has given our school leaders, governors and Trustees information about staffing and curriculum that in the past has not been possible.
Andrew Fell
Head, Old Buckenham High School, Sapientia Education Trust
I commend the SMARTcurriculum® Analytics as an excellent way to target financial resources for maximum impact. It has been an invaluable tool for up-skilling my leadership team.
Janice Allen
Head, Falinge Park High School, Rochdale

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The benefits of using SMARTcurriculum®

Works across all phases

Better targeting of your resources

Better control of your financial planning

Strong evidence based forward planning

Benchmark across schools in your group

Average annual impact identified by SMARTcurriculum®Analytics 2021

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Curriculum Enhancement Value

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Teaching Surplus

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