School Improvement Strategies

A Standards Review identifies opportunities that can be used as a basis for school improvement or pre-inspection preparation. SMARTcurriculum specialists have blended years of school leadership experience with detailed academic research to develop a school improvement model that is practical to implement.

Focusing on the quality of systems, teaching and leadership, your start point can be anywhere in his cycle, but you can transform your school and the life chances of every learner with simple improvement steps.

SEND Strategies

Our detailed SEND Reviews use a nationally recognised framework to evaluate the quality of SEND provision and enable school leaders to plan effective improvement strategies. SENDCo mentoring facilitates rapid improvement. Our experts have over 20 years’ experience leading SEND across schools in different settings.

Attendance Strategies

Our Attendance Reviews go beyond traditional audits, developing insightful and innovative solutions to make schools a place learners want to be. School attendance is now a pressing issue nationally. Traditional approaches to improving attendance are not having the immediate impact required. We address the push and pull factors causing barriers to good attendance, developing strategies for improvement that work for your context.

Informed by the latest research and decades of experience

Our SMARTcurriculum Standards specialists work with schools on quality of systems, teaching and leadership. Our model is informed by the work of Professor David Hopkins, Professor John Hattie, Mick Waters and other senior figures in the academic world and allows you to ‘enter’ at any point and at any stage of the improvement journey by using a diagnostic tool with a range of indicators and measures.