Partnership is the new strength

For over 30 years, we have worked in the education sector delivering curriculum design and practices to sustain school structures and budgets. This has become more challenging recently as the core costs increase but the funding stands still or, in recent days, appears to decrease in relative terms.

Leading efficient and effective curriculum is further challenged by the teacher supply and the requirements to respond to performance measures without real strategic lead in their resulting implications for institutions and groups.

We at CJ Learning have developed a tool to support schools, academies and colleges, at every phase, to understand the metrics of curriculum design, staffing and finance – which we call SMARTcurriculum.

Curriculum Analysis

The Curriculum Analysis Tool (CAT©) supports the delivery of efficient and effective curriculum. Curriculum Led Finance Planning is the term many are using to describe the process of calculating core costs, lesson costs in terms of teachers (the most expensive element), support costs, and a profile of a student’s journey through the organisation.

Working in partnership with technology specialists Krescendo, using their LiveDataset online software, we have developed the CAT as a secure cloud-based system for you to snap-shot your current curriculum and staffing profile and re-imagine and remodel an alternative structure.

LiveDataset is used by several of the world’s leading banks and has ISO 27001 certification for security. Read the new Krescendo blog introducing the CAT.

Please read about CAT here [] and contact us to arrange a conversation about bringing your MAT or school into the SMARTcurriculum world at