SMARTcurriculum® Update Issue 10


For all of our SMARTcurriculum Licensees

We are working constantly to tailor our support provision to make it as accessible and purposeful as possible. To that end your SMARTcurriculum support package now includes:

SMARTcurriculum training videos to watch at your convenience. We are growing a bank of ‘How to?’ videos to cover all your needs, but already published are:

  • SMARTcurriculum Introduction for new users: link
  • How to? Set up user permissions: link
  • How to? View the main dashboard: link
  • How To? Set up Global Parameters: link
  • How to? Set up Subjects and Management Groups: link
  • SMARTcurriculum : Staff Profile and Recruitment Management: link
  • SMARTcurriculum : Provision Mapping: link

Some things are just better live to allow discussion, so we continue to host key Live SMARTcurriculum training webinars via Zoom at appropriate times in the year – to match your planning cycle – and are adding in Live SMARTcurriculum Q&A Forums with Chris Jones to troubleshoot the complexities you may be experiencing and explore innovative solutions together. Live sessions are 30 minutes each. 

Live Training Webinars and Forums are free to all staff in licensed schools and support the professionalisation of your practice, so please do book your place and share with colleagues and governors. As these are exclusively for users, you will need the code sent by email to view and book in Eventbrite. Please email if you need a code reminder. Coming up:

Staff profile & Appointment Strategies Tuesday 9th February, 16:00-16:30
Explore use of the staffing enhancement dashboard, the staff datasheet and what information it includes to manage your teachers and support staff contracts. Also how to build a contract profile and use this within your appointment or restructuring processes.

Curriculum Modelling Wednesday 17th March, 16:00–16:30

This tutorial will help you forward plan for next academic year. You will either be rolling on and adapting for pupil roll changes or considering a complete restructure of the curriculum and its impact on your current staff. In this tutorial SMARTcurriculum App creator Chris Jones will cover how to use the SMARTcurriculum App’s modelling capabilities to support both of these processes.

NEW! SMARTcurriculum for School Business and Finance Leaders Wednesday 24th March, 16:00–16:30

Synthesise financial predictions and management with the impact of decisions made about curriculum and staffing by education leaders. You will be used to using financial software for financial control. We will explore how SMARTcurriculum® provides a powerful link between decisions made by education staff – who are focused on running the curriculum – and maintaining the budget.

Our Implementation Team continue to be available during office hours by telephone, email and video call. They will check-in regularly to ensure you are well-supported.

Kind regards

Chris and the team


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Your feedback is always appreciated!

If you have any other ideas or priorities for development please comment below. If you would like to join our SMARTcurriculum Developers Group to drive innovations that support you best, please tell us at

Future Developments

Dashboard update – providing a proportional comparison between the number of teaching hours bought and support hours bought. 
Leadership ISR Calculator – Leadership is a significant cost and relates to the Standard Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document calculation. We are building a set of charts and data that will pre-calculate this for your organisation, based on pupil numbers, and plot leader positions against this projection. 
School Group Module – we continue to structure the SMARTcurriculum Application to add a fully functional school group comparison module. Many of the developments above are on the road-map to that goal. We will keep you posted as to the progress and likely release date. Our plan is to have this development ready for initial release in September 2021.
SMARTcurriculum App developments are included within your annual licence, module development will be included at additional costs.