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The Magnificent Seven

In an attempt to define Integrated Curriculum Finance Planning (ICFP), the Department for Education (DFE) originally outlined 7 measures that would make a significant difference in

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Dream the Impossible Dream

ICFP, Integrated Curriculum Finance Planning, coined by Kate Copley a Deputy Director within the Department for Education (DFE), is the term that the DFE is now using

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A balance of three

For the past 10 years I have been working on school efficiency, particularly in the area of curriculum design and provision. As a result of

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Community of Practice

SMARTcurriculum is a set of practices and processes to secure outstanding curriculum practice. The education community practices its confidence and legacy by sharing these practices rather than specifically teaching them. CJ Learning is developing a community of practice with the real data to inform decision making about curriculum efficiency and practice.

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Being smart about curriculum

Leading Quality in the Curriculum – Encouraging Curriculum Dialogue Author: Chris Jones, Managing Director CJ Learning Community We are constantly reminded that the leadership of

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Moving CJ Learning blog

Due to some changes within the MS Sharepoint provisioning we are having to reorganise the company website. In the meantime I am moving all of

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Scalpel or Hatchet

You will not have missed the continuing dialogue concerning challenges in school funding. The varied impassioned reactions of educational leaders and the concerned public to

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SMARTcurriculum method

The core principle behind the SMARTcurriculum® method is to have sufficient detail and reason to make good decisions about the curriculum provision reflecting the intent

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Rebel Leadership

How many innovators have been lost to organisations because leaders were unwilling or threatened by the maverick who would not conform. So many organisations spend

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