School Financial Management Made Simple

Join School Finance Specialist and founder of Effervesce Susan Fielden to demystify the sometimes fear-inspiring arena of school finances.

This free webinar is discursive and designed to answer the most significant issues attendees have. The session began with a poll to gauge which topics were most important to attendees. Susan then focussed on what they needed to know.

Topics on offer include:

  • School finance is a bit of mystery – what should I look for? What are the most important numbers to keep an eye on?
  • Is all of our funding driven by pupil numbers? Who decides on the formula for all the different grant streams?
  • What’s all this carry forward for? Why do I need reserves? How much do I need in the bank?
  • Revenue vs Capital – what’s the difference?
  • Why do finance people always want things to “reconcile”?
  • Management vs Financial Accounts – who needs what when?
  • Setting the budget – how do I know that a percentage spend on any element is right?
  • How far ahead should I plan my budget?
  • What if I want to spend some money on a new approach? Can I afford it?
  • What is the best question to ask my Business Manager or Finance Officer if I want to impress?

Who is this webinar for?

New headteachers; headteachers without financial background; aspiring school leaders; SBMs new to education; anyone involved in school leadership – including governors.

Susan Fielden CPFA

Susan established Effervesce in 2016 to support schools to improve the cost-effective use of resources for children and connect educational and financial decision-making.

Susan is a qualified accountant and after many years as strategic finance lead for education and children’s services in Somerset she joined the DfE to work on national funding policy for schools. She now works with schools, academies, MATs and the occasional local authority. Susan does this alongside a part-time role as the Chief Finance Officer at a multi-academy trust, where she is proud to be part of an inspiring and dedicated team.

Continuing to work with the DfE on school funding, ICFP and resource management, Susan is also a consultant for both the Association of School and College Leaders and the Confederation of School Trusts.

The Effervesce website can be found at

Susan tweets @susanjfielden