Territory Mapping for Educators

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Chris Jones invites you to join an end of term adventure, exploring an inspirational new way of developing essential personal leadership skills and values in your students and teachers. You will meet Anthony Willoughby, who created this revolutionary approach to leadership development, as well as John Rolfe and other teachers using it successfully.

This featured seminar will appeal to students and teachers alike but your chance to get involved is below.

Anthony provided practical examples of how ‘Your Leadership Journey to Success and Freedom – Be Clear, Be Bold, Be Free!‘  is being adopted by schools in the UK and overseas. These schools are successfully reinvigorating Character Education in exciting ways that students and teachers can passionately embrace. 

“It was immediately obvious to me that this was something that could add immense purpose and value to our curriculum at all levels. This is why I have grown to be fascinated by the potential of this fresh, new and exciting approach.” Graeme Malcolm, Deputy Head of Secondary at The Nord Anglia International School, Dubai

John Rolfe, Head of Art and Music at St Clare’s, Oxford, explains how he currently uses the methodology to help teachers gain a clear view of where they are and where they want to get to in their careers. It also provides new ideas on how to teach subjects, including art, in an inspirational and adaptable way.

“I found this aspect of the training incredibly useful to help me clarify my goals. I found what Anthony had to say very powerful and inspiring.” Charlotte – a teacher in China


These valuable, thought-provoking presentations help all teachers in search innovative and interactive curricula, adaptable to all delivery mechanisms. There will be ample time for Q&A.“I want to thank you for a truly superb and exciting, extremely energising workshop. Thank you – you changed my students’ lives, as well as mine.” Professor Geeta Patel, University of Virginia


You can also watch our previous webinar on Territory Mapping, ‘Only the Brave’ here.

Your chance to get involved

Since filming this webinar we have begun offering this as a resource for schools to run as a 6x 1 hour session as a mix of  assembly style presentations and in-class tutorials. The programmes can always be tailored to your needs.

The programme covers:

  1. Developing your territory map
  2. Consider the mountains you want to climb.
  3. Consider your feathers, shields and spears.
  4. How to handle swamps and rivers
  5. Setting the scene with indigenous leaders from around the globe. 


The programme encourages learners to set massive goals, consider how to face them and what resources they will need to achieve them drawing on people and factors around them. We will bring indigenous leaders to the classroom using Zoom or Teams to be able learners to experience first hand the bravery and vision of people and what they have striven to achieve.

Call us for more information or info@smartcurriculum.net