SMARTcurriculum® Update Issue 14 – Autumn 1 2021

SMARTcurriculum® Application

Dear SMARTcurriculum User 


All you need to know about SMARTcurriculum this half term:


SMARTcurriculum® Live

Monthly meet for SMARTcurriculum App users. Users, guest speakers and the SMARTcurriculum team share the latest insights and best practice.

Every fourth Friday, meet up with CEO and SMARTcurriculum App creator Chris Jones and team – as well as invited speakers – to discuss the latest and best practices in curriculum, finance and staffing design. Please do join us at as many Live sessions as you can. BOOK YOUR FIRST SESSION – OR THE WHOLE YEAR! – NOW


In-App Support Videos

We have been busy adding more support videos within the SMARTcurriculum App itself. Please look out for these when using the App. They describe the purpose of each tile and how to add the relevant data. More being added all the time to make the SMARTcurriculum App as user-friendly as possible. 

We look forward to seeing you at SMARTcurriculum Live.

YouTube Support Videos

It’s the time of year when you might find these videos useful refreshers:

and for School Finance and Business Leads:


Curriculum Efficiency, Design & Leadership Training

Don’t forget we have really useful training courses coming up this term and next. All the details here:
Kind regards

Chris and the SMARTcurriculum team


Planned Developments

Gender & Ethnic Pay Comparison – This is an important dimension of analysis that users have asked if it possible to include. We are exploring the data entry requirements to be able to achieve this – and dashboard charts that will simply illustrate equality and distribution.

MIS Integration – We have been working for some time to consider integration to a number of popular software solutions. This is becoming more of a reality and we are looking to draw key data from you existing MIS to reduce the setup time and also to monitor the practice as things change through the year. We will keep you informed of progress in this regard.

School Group Module – We continue to structure the SMARTcurriculum Application to add a fully functional school group comparison module. Many of the developments above are on the road-map to that goal. We will keep you posted as to the progress and likely release date. Our plan is to have this development ready for initial release in early 2022.
SMARTcurriculum App developments are included within your annual licence, some module development will be included at additional costs.

Do get involved

If you have any other ideas or priorities for development please comment below. We are keen to, and do, respond to requests and ideas where we can

We also have a Developers Group who help us to drive forward functions and new ideas.

If you would like to join our SMARTcurriculum Developers Group to drive innovations that support you best, please let us know on